Can you help me with Apollo2 GKC platformer

I’m planning to make a guide on your GKC platformer so I need help @Apoll02
You’re never on just message me please or if anybody knows how to do it also help

You probably shouldn’t ask for anyone specific, Apollo02 isn’t the only person that can help.

What do you need help on?

I’m not new @wingwave

Also do you have any idea to help me.

Yes, I know that. That’s why I’m surprised that you said only Apollo.

Well, are you going for Apollo’s style with pixel art, or a real way with the default gim?

Of course, you could always wait for the update.

Yeah I’m doing it pixel art but why did you say I was new. @wingwave

Oh whoops, wrong post. Let me find something that may help.

This might help.

just wait for the update.


Just a guide

yeah, but you need a guide to help you make a guide?

I’m asking for the mechanics on how to even make it. @GimSolver

Here, I typed up this explanation of how it works a while ago.

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Is that all? @Blackhole927

Yeah, that should be all I believe.

Okay thanks! @Blackhole927

Yeah, there are a few things off with that. Also, my design could be improved now that text operations have been added.

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Okay thanks @Apoll02

Such are the disadvantages of not actually having any real facts about how you made it lol
Sorry about that :frowning:

(My entire explanation of it is based on how I would build it, staying within the constraints of things I observed about the platformer)

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No, that’s completely fine. Nobody else even tried lol

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