Can you help me make lava?

I want to make lava so that when you enter an area, you take damage, but without lasers.

There is no way of negative health granters, so you could only use invisible lasers. Sorry.

To simulate the terrain of lava, use orange, translucent barriers over gray(I prefer that) or white(Too light) water.


Also, you shouldn’t put your real name in your Profile


You can’t make negitive health granters but you can use invisable lasers. And you can use grey water with and orange barrier over it so it looks like lava. And if " Levi Groenhout" is you real name, please take it out of your bio, it is not needed nor should ever be shared on an online site.

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Wait i have idea… i think i know how to do this

nope the only way is have lasers but under the lava with layers so the player cannot see it. (why did they take out subtracting health? Like sentries without weapons it probably ruined so many gimkit creative games! and made so many impossible including melee games!

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Maybe use this? I don;t know about the damage part, though. Lasers are like literally the only option, just make them invisible. If you do use lasers, you should put a zone over the lava, make it so that when the player enters zone, activate laser. And then when player leaves zone, deactivate laser? I don’t know any other way. I was thinking of putting a sentry but then I realized that if you did you would see the sentry🤣and the shots.

If you want to make the lava oneshot, then use a respawn device.

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Yeah, like Blizzy said, you would need to use lasers. You could also use psuedo-health, which means tracking a property instead of the built-in player health.

Blizzy is also right about putting your name into your profile.
I was able to find out the city you live in with less than a minute of searching. You probably don’t want that.