Can’t play live on mobile

When I try and play live to try and get XP, the answers or whatever page I’m on covers the “Continue” button so I can’t press it. This leaves me with practically no way to get XP

Select Settings > Accessibility. Use the slider to adjust the zoom to your preferred level.

From: Google Chrome on Android: New zoom feature – Perkins School for the Blind.

I am on iOS, is there a fix on that platform?

This is probably a bug, Gimkit wasn’t meant for mobile.

Sad. S s s s s s s es s

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Yeah, it is unfortunate, Haiasi says that there are some ways to bypass it.

(You could try to zoom out like 2468 said.)

For Safari on iOS:

Zoom Out Using Settings

For a more tailored browsing experience, you can zoom out via the “Settings” app. Navigate to “Settings,” tap on “Safari,” and then explore the “Settings for Websites” section. Here, you can select “Page Zoom” for more precise control.

From: How to Zoom Out on Safari iPhone: A User-Friendly Guide - GadgetMates

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