Can someone show me how to make a destroyed escape pod?

To make one

ok please do thanks for being so helpful

has anyone finished one yet???

I stopped after the second one. The swamp is just terrain, so I don’t see what you still need here.

ohhh ok thank you then by

Remember to mark a solution!

I was going to work a little longer on it tomorrow but you marked a solution so this is mine:

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nice looks great nice going

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actually please keep working on it it might be just what I want then I will copy it thanks you

This topic will close now that there is a solution, so I will not be able to post it. You can remove a solution until tomorrow though. (Sorry @Here_to_help )

I don’t care. Just remove the solution. It’s not a competition (even though mysz has in the 50s)

Something like this?

Made this in a few minutes, sorry if it doesn’t look good

EDIT: Sorry, didn’t know there was a solution already. Oh well lol

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i will put the soulution back but you guys can finish those they all look very very good like I’m actually super surprised you guys are very helpful

this is what i made combined all your great ideas thank you so much

wish i could mark mulitple solutions

Make sure to close out the game tabs since you have the code showing and someone can get in

oh whoops did not think about that sorry

all permissions are turned off though so if someone did come they cant do anything