Can someone show me how to make a destroyed escape pod?

i need to know how otherwise i cant make what I really want to

What do you mean? Something like a space crate, covered in moss or something?

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kinda like that but like a wing sticking out or something and fire around and bits of metel

I’m not sure how to do that. @Lolo and @Frozen_Cursor are the experts of this domain.

ok thank you though thanks for trying anyway

Something a little like this? Sorry, this is my first attempt at stuff like this.

no i want a destroyed one sorry that one looks fine I need one that is sitting wreckd in moss and mode and fire is around something like that

Ok. But how does it look?

good for the supplies your offered in gimkit creative

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This better?

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kinda but in like mud and stuff and on grass kind of like in a swamp

I’ll try

that doesnt make sense what are you going to try??

Isn’t that just terrain? Eh, doesn’t matter. I am going to start doing art!

To make one

ok please do thanks for being so helpful

has anyone finished one yet???

I stopped after the second one. The swamp is just terrain, so I don’t see what you still need here.

ohhh ok thank you then by

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