Can Someone Please Help Me Review My Gimkit Creative World?

Hi There,

Can someone please help review my Gimkit Creative Map? Thanks!

Link is not allowed so it was removed by me.

Welcome to the forums! Please read TOS, the guidelines, and the blue banner.

help-me is not a used tag.

I’m sorry, but posting links to games on the forums is not allowed. You can ask for review on the alternate discovery or on the wixsite/discord.

It may be considered advertising here, so try not to post links. However, if you need help on anything GKC, we’re happy to help you. The forums are meant to ‘help people in gkc’. In this case, it’s testing the map.

Sure, I might test your map, but remember that other people on the forums might flag these types of posts. Just remember for next time!

the link doesn’t work

OK. Thank you! Will remove right now.


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Thanks! I have applied. Waiting now…

Also remember:
Do not give anyone editing permission on your map under any circumstances. I know a few people who have lost months of work because trolls got editing permission.


Ok. Thanks for the tip! By a chance, Do you have any tips for making a map?

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Well, there are tons of guides here, look at Community Made Guides. Sorry, I have to go now.

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Also, we would recommend not signing your posts. It annoys people, is unnecessary, and we can already see your name.
Welcome, and hope you don’t get addicted have a good time on the forums!

this is just a duplicate of Help

just mark solution because you cannot share links, or codes so I guess just go to wix or other gimkit sites.

…Are you @Stealthknight 's alt?
Alts aren’t allowed.
Or please don’t tell me this is another impersonation…
@HomeForSummer2011 I didn’t offer the solution, you should mark Chunky’s first post.

it’s probably an alt

@HomeForSummer2011 Please do not mark my solution. Please actually mark a solution that actually helped you.


@HomeForSummer2011 Mark the first reply as the solution since it actually offered the solution.
I didn’t offer a solution.

My Chromebook got wiped so I had to create another acount.


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