Can Someone Please Be Kind And Help Me Out? Many Thanks!

Can someone please help me make an Among Us Map on my account so I have it saved? I am in desperate need and my friends will be pissed if I can’t make it but I don’t have enough time and don’t know how to make it. I will show you the code at a date and time so you can help. Again, I’m desperate and I would appreciate even the tiniest of help.

What’s so wrong with game codes, they aren’t personal!

Please don’t share personal information.
I suggest asking for help on the wix instead.


Look under the among-us tag and also at The Ultimate Guide to Gimkit Among Us (The Skeld) but im afraid game links aren’t allowed on here so we cant help we can only give suggestions.

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Please don’t share codes here. If you want to make an Among Us map, I suggest using this.

Btw you should tell your friends not to be mad if you don’t finish it when they want you to. Making Among Us in Gimkit takes time and they shouldn’t rush you.

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@Haiasi, @vqnillaxx, and @The_7th_Dragon are correct, sadly we cannot give out links or codes to our games here in the forum. We can only give help and ask for help about our games. ( ONLY GIMKIT CREATIVE I don’t mean other games please!)
We can share screenshots if we need to but before you do make sure no information is leaking, like other tabs or your true name for your nickname on your gim character.
So ask whatever questions you need to and we will be here to help!


Please don’t curse, this is a friendly environment. If people curse, more people will follow…


Yes please! We like to be positive here! Not negative :slight_smile:

I don’t curse, IRL, and on the internet, I’m just sad because I NEED this completed and all the guides don’t help (especially with no images) and I haven’t even started. Cursing will not help my situation so I’ll leave it at that. Thanks for your guys’ help and advice but it didn’t work, sigh :crying_cat_face: :confused: :face_with_diagonal_mouth: :disappointed: :weary: :broken_heart:

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