Can someone make me a thumbnail? Pls

I made a game called Pokemon: Gim and Kit

Gims: Echo, Vortex, some random gims in the background
Background: A Pokemon stadium
Title: Pokemon Gim and Kit
By GimGamer1 and Dragon King
Thumbnail by your name here

And can the echo agent have a cape (like Leon’s) and a hat, (like Leon’s)

And the vortex have a pokeball in his hand and have Ash’s hat

I would help but I know nothing about Pokémon

Oh, sorry @HP7divergent46THG12

I also would want to help, but I’ve never published a game, therefore I don’t know how to make thumbnail. :frowning_face:

How to make your own thumbnails!

Isnt that thatonegimikitguy’s name for a gimkit pokemon game?

I really don’t know?

I can change it. Can you make a thumbnail?

Cya be back later! Bye!

Eh its fine. Thatonegimkitguy probably isnt making the game anyways. Also, i cant make a thumbnail because im on a 10 year old kindle fire tablet.

Oooooooooooooooooooooof noo why can nobody make it?


Ok, you know, what, I’ll try. I’m a big fan of Pokemon and know exactly what you’re talking about so I could try but I at thumbnail-making and might give up in the middle. I’ll try, though.
(Not hand-drawn btw)

What version of Ash’s hat do you want, there’s like 8 ._.


The Pokemon journey hat

ok thx __________________