Can someone make me a thumbnail for my game

I need a thumbnail for my game what you do is pick different mini games to play and that’s all but i want it to not be drawn if you could make me one that would be great.

welcome @SnoopyOTG !
make sure to message discobot if you want to do the begginer and advanced tutorial

and what mini games do you have?

Hide n seek, spleef, find the button, parkour

Welcome to the forums, @SnoopyOTG !

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Also, just asking for the artists out there, what is the name of your game?

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i can make one

welcome to forums @SnoopyOTG

what gims u want in thumbnail???

It dosent matter to me you can use any

okay whats the title of the game?

Fun gimkit mini games

okay, i will try and post it here very soon

um maybe a day or so

nah imma work for 2 hours bc i m not drawing i am making it by all other things


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thank you it looks great

oh thanks, i did not draw it :grin:, i just make that thing in a map and then take the image from it

and put some texts and animate them