Can someone make me a thumbnail? (Among Us) Poll

OOOH!!! It looks so gim-y…

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Awsome!!! Can one of them have a hidden gadget.
Can you also make the title Among Gims

knife might not be allowed… maybe a GKC gadget? evil eye maybe

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is this good

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Yes, can you add the backpacks on their backs???

Screenshot 2024-04-03 5.56.46 PM

Wow hes really good at drawing

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  • It’s good
  • It’s not good
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Things to make this look better

  1. The evil eye should not be that small.
  2. The existence of hands and gims do not mix.
  3. The text is blending into the background. It is also off center.
  4. The table should not look like that from that angle.
  5. The exclamation point is covering the blue gim, and doesn’t have a border.
  6. The blue gim doesn’t really work with the blue background
  7. The red gim’s hand looks like a heart, which give the thumbnail a different vibe
  8. Please add a background because this could use some work to be a good thumbnail

I actually like the hands, but they could be bigger, overall great job, I will leave this open to see if Chrysostom finishes his thumbnail, but them I will host a poll and mark a solution.

Another thing. Why are you using polls with thumbnails?

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"cause that is just how it’s done, and sometimes it’s hard to choose

So you’re letting the community decide? You can’t trust them sometimes, and it’s only hard to choose because you want nobody’s feelings to be hurt.

Yes, I’m letting them decide, and I’m deciding to trust them, also yes it might be hard to decide because I don’t want anybody’s feelings to be hurt but also because all of them might be good so I don’t know what to chose.

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I added outline

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Black outline would’ve fit the style alot more

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And the table proportions should be edited. I also had a lot of trouble with proportions when I was starting out.

I’ll finish mine tomorrow, Crimson_Knight. I hafta go eat dinner


Here is Mine!
Screen Shot 2024-04-04 at 8.22.21 PM

how bout now?

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