Can someone make me a thumbnail? (Among Us) Poll

I’m making a Polus map with my sibling and would like a thumbnail for it

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Screen Shot 2024-04-04 at 8.22.21 PM

Could you briefly explain what the game is about?

Kinda Is Like Murder Mystery

Imma need a little more detail than that

Among us is a game where one person is the imposter and the others are crewmates, the imposter tries to kill the crewmates and the crewmates either vote out the imposter or do all their tasks to win, you can search it up if you need more info.

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Got it, and are there any particular gims you would like?
And what is the name? (among us? or Polus?)

I would like the gims to look like among us characters with some random cosmetics and/or clothing on them. The Map name is: “Among Gims”

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Should be able to finish soon!

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Question: would it be ok if I added dialog?

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Yes, you can

@Crimson_Knight Like my seal of approval?


Love it :+1:

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oh mah gawd its so cute!!! I like that one.

The among us character as a gim is awesome, I love it, but why the stereotypical men???

lol Polaris is the among us character lol

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heres a draft. what do you want me to add/change


that looks so good!!

um. I can't tell if this is a joke or not...

why the uwu blue Gim, and the red Gim being…
and uh, the orange and yellow are confusing me. a lot.


the orange gim is emergency meeting…