Can Someone Make Me A BedWars Thumbnail

i need a 4 team bedwars thumbnail

What i want it to look like

something like that but with all the team colors (red) (blue) (purple) (green)

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The bed wars tag is only for guides.

also just wondering, who made the thumbnail tag?

Just use art request, I’ll change it, cause currently I don’t know if its ok to use right now.

I can try, but I am not good at photoshopping so it will be hand drawn…

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@M13TheCreator should i add: “map by M13TheCreator” ??

umm no just add bed wars
that’s it nothin else


can u maybe make it even? like every gim has his own box?

ofc, I’ll get it to you by tommorow

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ill try but just a warning i might abandon it because I have so many thumbnails to do and for some reason I cant not do it…? idk if that makes sense :frowning:

yea I understand dont sweat it :wink:

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I was going to send it earlier but I got sick, sorry for the wait

Ttime to ping——SOMMON some artists!!! I summon…. @Foxy @MirMirCreates @M1dnight @Kat_aronii @VoidFluffy @Blizzy @bob6000 if yall willing to make them this?

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I already replied hehe


Ohhhhhhhhh mb sorryyyyy

lol its fine :slight_smile:


I love how friendly this community is


EVERYONE THE NEW GIMKIT GAME MODE IS OUT (btw sorry if this is off topic)

WAIT IT ISSSS??!?! : 0 I’ma play it!!! : )

i have been summoned, but I suck at bedwars thumbnails, so i’m outta here.

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