Can someone improve my thumbnail

I think this thumbnail needs some effects or lighting but i don’t know how to do that can some one help me I will give credit

Dose Anyone Here Know how to add good Effects/Lighting?

How’s this?

It’s good i am going to wait to see more peoples

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Do you know anyone who could help me improve this thumbnail?

No, sorry. I’m pretty new to the forums. I’m only good at making Gimkit maps.

oh ok

@Nixximon could you help? You did improve the thumbnail for the first game.

I improved it this is what i have now

Ok summons random person @VoidFluffy

@GimGamer1 @Gimator dont ping ppl for thumbnails

and read nixximon’s bio,

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Sorry @DXCTYPE I didn’t know

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I can draw one- I don’t do photoshop.

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Didn’t see that sorry

When will the thumbnail be ready?

Could you make me one or improve mine?

how did you get the legs on the gims to run like that?

@LOFINIGHT Just use gimkits thumbnail but edit them

That is probably copyright…

How to Get Your Maps Taken Down in GKC 101!


@Kosm0-o @JohanGim I am not saying use the thumbnail just use the gims in the thumbnail and change them i am not using anything from the photo thats not edited