Can someone help me

I need help with teleporters and items when you spawn.

No codes here. Sorry! But you could have a lifecycle on game start into an item granter or relay for all players with an item granter

What is it with teleporters?

I dont think you should be posting this, you could get flagged. Use item granter to people stuff when they spawn. And i am not entirely sure what your trying to do with teleporters.

I mean I will give you my gmail and I will gmail you the code

The forum does not allow for game sharing. However, you can on the wix website
Also, do not share your Gmail on here.

I wouldn’t share personal info

@liamdrueke What do you need help with for the teleporters?

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Im tring to make it so that people can teleport to james bond and back.

Could you send a screenshot of your device settings and explain what you want to do?

Have the one teleporter be group “A” with a target group of group “B” then have the other teleporter be group “B” and the target group “A”

Of course, dont show the j0in code


What about the other teleporter?

it is the same

You need to switch them, they need to be opposite

Swap the target and the group on just one of them

okay now i need help with the item granter.

What do you want it to do?