Can someone help me set up the tagging system?

I need help with the tagging system using the tag zone. I’ve tried my best to get it to work and I can’t. I am trying to make it where one team hunts the other and tags them(making them a spectator since they died)

Can you tell me exactly what was not working? Was the tagging not working or the spectator thing? Specify what was happening when you tested it.

set the tag zone so that it is full map. then wire the tag zone to a team switcher so that they switch to specific team> spectators

The tagging part is what wasn’t working. When we were testing it, it wouldn’t tag the other player.

Which team is tagging who?

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Team 3 is tagging team 2

but can team 3 tag all teams?

@Retroking147, if you want team 3 to only tag team 2, follow these steps:


Get a tag zone, trigger, force respawn, and if your score is coming from tags, then get a property device as well.


Set the tag zone so that team 3 tags. Now set it so that players do not respawn when tagged.
Wire the tag zone to the trigger that triggers when team 2 triggers it. Wire that to a respawn device.


If tags are your score, then go to blocks in the trigger.

Set property 

(example_prop) + 1

Now go to the property device and name it the same thing you named (example_prop). Set it to number. Now go to map options and set score> value of property> (example_prop).

That’s it!