Can someone help me make a map please and thank you!

Hi! I would like people to help me make a map for among us fanf hide and seek and more if u would like to help me then thank you!

what do you need help with?

btw: when publishing make sure to name it something else because of copyright

Here’s what you could use for the among us part: [ 📰 Resources] Resources for Among Us.

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you cant post gamecodes in the forums
but if u want help you can request to enter code sharing on the wix
im an admin there and i can let you in.
or listen to what the other peeps are saying

I am alr in the wix and i was gonna map with someone but he got a 24 hour banned so I can’t work with him till that ban is over

Ok, if your question has been solved and you got what you need, please mark a solution.

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@WolfTechnology OMG YOUR HERE Hi! i thought your school blocked your forum thats what @CassiusDoomlorde said…

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Hello, a banana speaking here. Bananas are your most helpful friends but anyways, what is the theme of the game?

Yeah I’m here, and I grateful for that. I have no idea why Cassius would say that because I left with out saying a word, but we need to get back on topic.

yeah he is weird some time but please get on my wesite like joi and the n and its not bad because it is not a link to a game.