Can someone help me make a game that is like capture the flag?

Since I made a game, I wanted to make different teams, also more things… but I want to make the respawn go to the spawn pad. So can someone give me a idea?

The Ultimate Capture the Flag guide
search b4 u post

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Do you mean prop designs or something else?

Capture the Flag Resourses

bring in the snom

there are many guides on this. Please listen to Snom.


Use capture the flag devices, and the capture the flag zones. Sentries could spice it up a little, and maybe add tag mechanics if you’re on the wrong side, like the capture the flag game.

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Thanks for the opinion!

Yeah, the props and other things

Thanks for the opinion! Could you send me a link for it please?

Thanks for the opinion! And also for snom ._.

Link? like a game link? I could do that…

Wdym people literally sent you links

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Yeah, but I wanted for the tutorial

Idk why, but welcome to the forum

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consider replying to several people at once, with the @ symbol and their name.


link for the tutorial? which one. Do you want me to give you one about the flag devices and zones, the tag system, the sentries? Also, one for making different teams go to different spawn pads?

thx im making a ctf game to and this should really help

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Do you realize that:

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This “forum trend” is just that- a trend.
There’s no helpful reason to keep spamming these images everywhere.
This isn’t targeted at you, but everyone who keeps the “snom” thing going- like @chunky and @sythic.
Please stop.
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Yes, Snom is weird and the forums were better a month ago, but lets get back on topic.