Can someone help me? lol

Can someone help me?? So I’m making a game called crazy classroom and I was wondering if someone help me in/out of the game with a feature: (player tracker - money counter(for each person)) and make a player have a badge and if they rejoined it saves. :)))))

Could this help for the second thing?

Um no I tried, sadly…

wdym by:

I’d not get it cuz the grammar

hi what sup what are we doing.

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you can read the title to see what this person needs help with and you try to solve there issue.

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no idea, im confused myself.

I changed it :slight_smile:

well for the rej0in saves part you need to follow this guide.

and for the player tracker look at this post.

And and a money counter you should be able to track the item on the leaderboard.

well then you can’t show the money globally.