Can Some one make me a good Thumbnail?

I don’t make these types of posts but i do need a thumbnail for my game. But I’m following this spreadsheet. Hopefully that is enough?

Name of Game: [Combat Trainer]
Creator Name: [Wolftechnology]
Thumbnail Creator: [Creator Name Here]
Gameplay Details: [Stats of every gadget, trains you for combat on aim, gadget choice, and building]
Gims You Want: [Flurry, solar, builder, and birthday cake 5]

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I’ll try to do that but I can’t till after 5:30 EST. It’ll probably be posted at 8:30 EST or before.

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I can do one for you @WolfTechnology!
I use adobe firefly for my thumbnails.
All I need is a tiny bit more detail.

Work I've done

I’ll be glad to make you a thumbnail! (rare that wolftechnology is doing this but whatever, idc)

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Somehow, I find this extremely funny :3:P

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All of yall can and i will take the one i like the best. (: Yeah it is a bit weird for me to be doing this, lol

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is there any specific background that you want?

No… just something unique

I wanna try! I would be glad. I have only made one other art piece before for gimkit thumbnails, so I don’t know if my style is okay for this.

My Work

Screenshot 2024-05-14 9.26.58 AM

feel free to!

here is the draft I made for it. do you need anything changed before I ink it in?

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Not trying to aim this at Wolf, but as the community as a whole.

Please take a look at the number of thumbnail posts right now, and think if posting another one would make the site look more or less like an unblocked art hub.


true but i sort of need this done. But i don’t plan on making another one.

What about the Pixelator from Knockback~

thats not out yet but it will be in game when it does come out.

So would you include it in a thumbnail, or not. Since if you were to add it to your game in the future, you would also have to add it into the thumbnail. Vice versa, if it would already be in the Thumbnail, you would not have to go back in and edit the thumbnail BUT it would be a form of clickbait :PP

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alr! I’m done! I hope you like it :3


dang thats good. Thanks!

I was going to make a thumbnail, and nah. This is probably the best artists GKC ever saw.

tysm! I appreciate it. its getting hard to make this art though- my hand is hurting ;-;