Can some one help me/make a Thumbnail

Ok, I’m already a basic user.

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Read this for more exact details.

I go over the ones that you actually need to pay attention to if you reach enough approved flags the mods would already be considering suspending you

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Sorry I can’t send it to you :frowning:

Oh well, I’ll try to make a thumbnail anyway.

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no he’s not I’m sure of it

Ok, just wondering…

But heya, welcome back. (Don’t worry, you weren’t the only one punished. Many people got warnings, and I got suspended, but then unsuspended, so I guess pharlain spared me…)

(@M13TheCreator I was suspended for a week but then like maybe an hour later she unbanned me. I don’t know why, but taking it as a lesson. Anyways, I’m gonna get off this post. I have nothing to do with thumbnails so.)


so how would you be making the game?
like would you have movesets?
just asking

yea you to, well kinda wasn’t fair on my side but I ain’t saying anything cuz don’t wanna get banned again for off topic chaty


thanks @FatKat :grinning: :grinning: :grinning: :grinning:

What is the gim in your profile picture called, I’d like to incorporate it in the thumbnail somehow.

Screenshot 2024-04-17 4.44.49 PM

I need one with transparent background, but I can’t find one on Google.

use this

How do you like this?


Awesome this so cool!!!

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mark a solution of that post helped!

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Is there anything else you would like added?

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No thanks It is amazing!!!

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