Can some one help me/make a Thumbnail

Can some one make me a good thumbnail for my game “battle of the gims” it’s like super smash bros.

Sure, how do you want it to look?

IDK you can choose
(I can Always Change it later)

Ok, any specific theme?

maybe futuristic? :grinning: :grinning: :grinning:

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How many replies do I get, and when do I get normal access?

But now you have 8 left. If you need, you could always edit a post.

You get normal access after a day.

Try reading this. It’ll help you out.

fill this form out for better results

  1. what gims would you like?
  2. Photoshop or hand drawn?
  3. what background?
  4. gadgets?
  5. anything extra?

Welcome @FatKat ! Hope to see you around the forums!

I can help make them after I finish my work.

Gims: Gamer and more
Hand drawn
Gadgets: All
Background You choose

Ok thanks for the help :sweat_smile: :grin:

Also welcome to the forums @FatKat! make sure you read the TOS

I just have a question… (just wondering, curious…)

Do you know someone named @M13TheCreator? (Or are you)

If not, sorry for troubling you.

I got an idea: It can be like, one gim is about to beat another in a cool cinematic shot I guess.

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I don’t have time to do hand drawn, only Photoshop. Sorry.

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Ok photoshop is fine

Great! I’ll work on it when I have time.

some Photoshop is nice
I would say draw smaller details though
if you want hand drawn backgrounds are also nice

I would love to attempt to make one… but I wont have it done till later today maybe some time at midnight but… I would still love to make one.