Can some of you send me all of the blue trails in Gimkit?

I want a pic of every single trail thats blue in Gimkit, THX!

Do it yourself lol


@wait.what.626Youtube can’t you do it urself??? not to be mean, but yeah. BTW, the shop is closed during the summer, so that’s hard to do

but you can go into game files, and I cant do that cause its blocked on my computer.

Maybe you can see a tutorial in YouTube to see how do you or someone do it… :smiley:

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welcome to the forums @Ashleyolvs01, hope you like it here! : )

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Thanks! Also you are a good person! :heart: :smiley:

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Welcome @Ashleyolvs01 !
I hope you like it here if you haven’t read these then I suggest you do!


Thanks!! Also nice to meet you!

Your welcome, Nice to meet you too! :smile:

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can I get help though? I don’t have much trails, I cant go on wiki, and I cant go into the files. :<

Ummm… I know there is a guide that has every file image on it… Just need to find it!

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the second one:

but, don’t look at the first one, unless if you want other item images, the second one has the trails

Thats it!

@wait.what.626Youtube have you tried going on the gimkit fandom? They have a list

Do you want the trails that are completely blue or that have at least a little blue in it?

You could go on the wiki and look for the trails… no need to look in the files.

The wiki is blocked on his computer