Can Sentries Shoot Through Terrain Walls?

Question above.
i need it so players will get hit in the maze but won’t know the path.
My guess it no.

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no they can’t plus they can’t see you through a wall

However, you can do this: How to Make a Barrier that Doesn’t Block Bullets [Difficulty 1-2/10 or 🟩] - #20 by thatOneCringe and have the walls be barriers.
I’m not sure if the sentries can track you through that, but it’s worth a shot!


Can they shoot if they are on the only level of wall?

only level? you can imagine walls as taking up the entire vertical space they are in

make it a terrain floor a it will look like a wall and have a zone and a barrier disabled so if a player tries to walk through a brrier will appear and stop them and teh sentry can still shoot before the barrier is put up, then have a trigger count down till it diables the barrier.


that’s what the guide I linked said, but in a different way

oh, sorry cassius

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Yep, the sentries can indeed hit you.

As for GimSolver, it doesn’t matter which layer the terrain is, as long as it’s not a wall.


Solution change anyone?

can you have a player scoped sentry?

i need it so that each player can only ko each sentry once.


wait maybe

I’m too tired for this


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