Can I make this topic?

Can I make a topic that details how to make your posts easier to read/more organized? Also, if yes, what kind of tags would it use?

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I’m pretty sure a topic like that already exists.


I think you’re thinking about something like this:

but I mean something like this (as in like, how to put it all together):

Section Title

Blah, Blah, Blah…


Image Description


In conclusion…

Like just using this as a template for all of your guides or making a guide on this (Doesn’t only have to be guides)? because if you’re just going to use it as a template im sure you could use it!

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But if you’re using it as a guide I have no clue, I dont think it would getting taken down as long as it’s original and you credit the other guide at the start or end!

bro made a topic asking if he could make a topic.


i would say use the ‘forum tips’ tag. I think it would be fine to make a topic like that, as long as it’s not copying the original.

Jeffo did say to keep the topics about GKC only, so I feel like you’d have to ask him first. But you technically can make anything, but it might be flagged. So I suggest making it pretty long and not just a few sentences to avoid it being flagged.


Imagine you are in the process of writing a book and you want to engage your reader. To do this, you need to provide them with a captivating story idea. You can enhance the experience by including pictures or links that support the information you’ve used. Before publishing, be sure to thoroughly review any guides to ensure that your idea is original and not similar to something already written. If you come across similarities, be sure to credit the original source. Always conduct thorough research before writing and publishing your work. It’s the same for posts. And if it’s not original just keep trying to make original topics. And if you still need help practice writing it’s not that much different from writing posts.

oh yeah, and don’t make it a psa.

@CaptionPuffy im sorry, but is that ai generated? or do you just have super good grammar i cant tell

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guys, not everything well written is by AI.

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You can’t because it’s forum related. raw

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Never mind, I just read the responses.

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this is the topic of all time

PSAs are allowed when they are about GKC. So, @gimkit_h4ck3r, no. You aren’t allowed to make this topic.

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I often engage in frequent practice sessions because I am a book maker, thus requiring extensive knowledge of grammar. I utilize flashcards to enhance my practice, and it should be noted that my work is not generated by artificial intelligence.

This discussion is going off-topic and I believe the person who requested assistance has already departed without leaving a solution

I haven’t departed, I just went to bed. Jeez, guys.

I’ll think about making it. I just think it would be a good way to teach new members of the forum how to make their post more readable/organized.

I apologize, I was unaware, people tend to leave when starting a topic. (I’ll stop replying so this can close)

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