Can I make this thing like fishtopias?

I was just wondering… Can I make that pop up on the screen like whenever you collect a fish and fishtopia that shows what fish you collected? If so that would be awesome, if not that’s fine too.

first make sure you have the thing so when its collected it sends an output on a channel, then make a popup that appeared when it receives input from that channel. then just set the settings on the popup to want you want and youre good!!

p.s. for more details just ask, this is pretty quickly written up.

As far as I know, you can not show the fish image. You can have text in the popup identifying what fish it is using a randomizer system that randomizes channels. (When receiving on channel show this popup) EDIT: CAPRISUNS beat me to it but no I didn’t copy him. Also NICE PFP leo_flowers! since when was mha on netflix… ? (ik that was off topic but I couldn’t help it)

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yeah this too

good randomizer guide:

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You actually can.

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theres only a few images accepted and i dont think the fish are a part of those

edit: yeah theyre not. this the complete list of accepted icons: Icons

But you don’t use icons for it…you use items

OHHHH i didnt know you could also use items!! interesting

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