Can I make a type of cloud in GKC?

Can I make something look like a cloud in gim kit creative? If so, what can I use?

I would try using a bush, although it would make it look like there was a bunch of pollution in the air as you can’t turn them white.


You could use white circle barriers
And make it look like a cloud

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cloud emoji in the text device and put it on the top layer.

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You can use a mix of circle and rectangle barriers like @x.mochi did here:

(they do look quite cool)

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Sadly, that wouldn’t work for you can’t tint things white.

Do what VoidFluffy said, use white barriers to make it, you can also use an animation to make them moving. I recommend using blue plastic as the sky, though.

a pile of snow would work well just remove collision

Except for already white props

… well you have a point… lol

it might look strange, as it has a flat side to be sitting on the ground.

Well thats gotta suck XD


some stuff can turn white it is just limited

maybe multiple? all clumped together?

yeah, but the borders… meh

I used some text with the :white_circle: emoji to make clouds, for laying out a map I’m making when Dld updates come to creative and I think it looks pretty decent

I think there is a cloud emoji

:cloud: Does the cloud emoji look similar to this?

yes it does it really does

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