Can I make a player Jump

Please help me i need it for a parkour map

We don’t have an exact jump system implemented into gkc yet, but you can use this guide. I believe the devs said they are adding a 2d platformer mode so jumping may be coming to creative in the future.


I dont understand it

You have to scroll down to the instruction part. Or is that the part you don’t understand?

Thats the part I dont understand

Wait just to be clear you are making this for a 2d game right? What are you using the jump mechanic for?

Soon you will…

yes I am making this for a 2d game and i need it for a parkour map parkour map

There are two things I can think of. One, placing a zone over the player so when they enter it, it sends a signal to a wire repeater with a small delay, then the wire repeater teleports you to a teleporter right below the zone. The problem is this would take a ton of memory and the device limit exists. Another thing is making an overlay button that deactivates a barrier over you, then the button also triggers a wire repeater with a small delay. The wire repeater turns the barrier back on. The problem is you can walk through barriers. Ultimately, since Gimkit has different movement from other platformer games, jumping is extremely unrefined and glitchy. I would advise you from doing it.

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Thanks for the soultion

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