Can anyone make portal art/or portal animation?

so im bored and i just want to find a cool way to do a portal sorta medieval style portal ya know? but ive been having a brain fart on how -_-

You can use barriers, but make it to where the zone is the shape of the barrier, and when they enter the zone, they teleport to the place the portal is too.
Does this make sense?

Screenshot 2024-02-15 1.26.40 PM
have a zone in the actual portal part idk

Teleporters can only have one appearance—maybe add props and barriers colored in and moved around to give the device itself some personality…other than that, use this animation guide:

Make it with different props and a medival-coloured barrier.

honestly the easiest portal you could theoretically make in GKC is the End Portal

However, moving teleporters is pretty difficult—as they can only be in place at a certain time unless deactivated and then making another one activate using triggers and wires and everything. It would be pretty all over the place. But give any other suggestion a try!

The code doesn’t work, but here:

  1. i was asking for the prop art of one
  2. i could make that in my sleep no offense meant
  3. he didnt say that teleporters had different appearences he said that i could make a zone teleport the player and just put portal prop art there
  4. thats very…very vague
  5. thats not really moving teleporters its just deactivating and activating and i need the art not the mechanics
  6. thats not bad but im not making minecraft sorry
    peeps i was asking for either ideas or examples of portal art/or animation not the mechanics cuz i already know how to do the mechanics -_-

No, I meant teleporter to the area.
The zone in the middle


I would suggest a barrier animation, so that means that you use barrier and have them on a trigger repeat. so think of The Minecraft nether portal, have one light purple barrier, with 0.50 alpha and have small dark purple barrier that form swirls(rectangles that form them) and have them at 0.70 alpha and have them randomly placed on it. Then have a trigger repeater function make those swirls swirl. Does that make sense?

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