Can Anyone help me with this?

My block code for Bonnie doesn’t work, and no one’s guides help. They just don’t make sense to me.

someone also showed me this.

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none of those make sense. :confused:

So could you actually HELP and not send confusing things?

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sorry I’m not good with the block code things…
you might wanna wait for a regular like @wingwave or @Haiasi

oh okay. I just need need help, and guides aren’t that much help when you have ADHD.

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Hey, @cheesebox, can you help me with this bonnie code?

What do the last 2 lines of code do? Underneath the ‘if’ blocks.

ummm I don’t really know. This is someone else’s code, but they’re not every really online until 5.
OH WAIT IM AN IDIOT. I just realized what you meant.

If you don’t understand your own code, I can’t help you troubleshoot. I recommend copy-pasting the bottom 2 inside each if block, instead of at the bottom. See if that works.

like this?


it isn’t doing anything. =(

Ok, I’m sorry, then. I wish I could help but I would need to know what the code itself does. See if the problem is in any of your other devices or if you haven’t added something yet. Check everything to make sure it’s set correctly.

hold on, let me find the original post.

So then I used that, but It still won’t work.

why do you have your first integer set to 0 and do not have your 2nd integer?

Your integers do not match

Just so you know I’m on from about 7 am to 5 pm central time just infrequently. The code works I’ve tested it.

Nvm. I see what you mean.

ah ok.