Can anyone help me with this?- Using the ball device to damage sentries

I want to implement the ball device in a boss battles game I’m making, but don’t know how to make the ball device damage the boss.

< when player hits ball, then hits boss- boss gets damage
< boss spawns ball that goes after the player, player has to hit the ball back at them
can anyone help?

i don’t know if that is possible

pseudo health using ball capture zone once the ball enters the zone it decreases the pseudo health of the sentry but not actually damaging the sentry in real time the pseudo health could also do for a good alt health boss bar


To say what @Blackfox45666 said, but simpler:

  • You have a property called boss health
  • When the ball enters a zone that’s centered on the sentry, you subtract from the boss health property
  • If the property = 0, then despawn the boss.

This is assuming that you can’t damage the boss by shooting it, in which case, it’s not possible with the current mechanics.