Can anybody help me make a live player counter

it needs teleports everyone to a certan spot when there is one player left

might want to use this

I did that then added a teleporter but it only teleports me in I am left

Not anyone else

gibbrish; ccccbb

you mean it only teleports you in and not anyone else?

Yes. If anyone else is the last gim standing it doesn’t work

if you’re using like a life cycle to teleport, then you need to make it wire to a relay to the teleporter to teleport everyone

I did it doesn’t work I will upload an image



if you cant use 20 characters you can just do < fhjsghsjgh > but with no spaces and it will hide the characters

Thank you

I feel like you aren’t making it so that when someone gets knocked out they turn into a spectator.

Yes i know the repeter is bad but i tried to make it exactly

I am it is a battle royale

oh don’t wire the relay to the repeater my fault.
I think you don’t have a system where
when a different lifecycle detects that someone has gotten knocked out it tells a team switcher to change that player into a spectator