Can a skilled someone hop on my battle royale island and help me plz

Can someone hop on my island and make a battle royale system where the last person wins and seconds surrvived shows on the leaderboard cuz i sure cant

Please do not send codes! They will get your account suspended. Thanks!



Ill give you the link privately

yeah if your gonna do it do it on something like this

My device is about to be taken away (It’s a school device and it’s the end of the year) so I can’t help :frowning:

Its for my teacher


The basic premise is not that hard.

The top machine is a KO Manager wired to a Team Switcher, so when you get knocked out, your team switches to the Spectator team.

The bottom machine is a timer. Lifecycle wired to a Repeater (1.0 second repeat cycle, set on ending when receving on a channel to never end), and an item granter. Every second, every player will recieve one bait, and the total amount of bait at the end of the game is how long you survived. If you want to get rid of the notification of receiving bait, add an Inventory Item Manager. Just add weapons, a map, and you’re done!

This may not be the best way to do this, I just threw this together in like 50 seconds.

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can u jo!n


Sure, I think that I can.

I can’t edit at all.

Thank you guys so very much

It is my mission to get a capybara skin named tim in the game

If you need anything else just ask. The way I set it up, the Counter (the only device with a number on it) needs to be set to the number of people that are playing PLUS ONE for the game to end properly.

with a mudprints trail and a capybara with an orange on its head spray

Yo @ClicClac, there are some bugs in the map

When you kill someone, you respawn
Spectators dont show up on the leaderboard

Both of these bugs were probably caused by the one person left mechanic.

This is probably becasue spectators don’t count as actual players. If you make a “jail” that holds the killed players so they still show up, but stops their time on the leaderboard, it should work properly.

Okay, I’ll be honest and say I have no idea what is going on with this.

(🟧) How to make a fully functional Battle Royale game! has a better working version that uses blocks if you want more help, or just an easier working battle royale.

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