Bypassing character limit glitch

Heres a name glitch that I just discovered. When you j oin a game, when it tells you enter your name, right click the name box and press inspect.

This should show up on your right side of your screen. Make sure you’re selecting the right element (as shown in the screenshot below).

Once you have selected the correct element, double click the number next to “maxlength”.
Now change the number to whatever you want, there will be no character limit anymore.

If you make the name too long, it just turns your name into a black bar.

Players POV:

Host POV (when selecting player):


Apparently this works with Gimkit accounts too.

That’s cool, but I don’t know what the mods are going to feel (probably nothing though)

Yeah, that will probably just be fixed.

At least until August.

Wait what? I tried this about a year ago and it didn’t work for me. The server would trim my name.

Cool glitch but I dunno if I’ll ever try it

You can mess around with devices in GKC with this too…

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Nice, I never thought of doing that (though I understood right when you right-clicked)

Uh oh… The name is a literal bar.

like said above

Sorry didn’t see that


Also, the activity feed–


They can’t really patch many inspect exploits

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No they can implement a server side check that approves names and if not trims them.

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or they can link it externally, right?

BTW if you set max length to “inf”, you wont have a limit.

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A way they can fix this is that if the username is over 20 characters, then give them an error saying “Nickname is too long”

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I think this is not possible to fix…