Buying Season Ticket isn't working

when my friend tries to buy the season ticket, it says the CVC or Security Code isn’t working when it is actually correct. Or it just keeps on loading.

Contact for support. We can’t do anything about this.

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okay and what do you want us to do about it?

Welcome to the forums, @AidanZhang ! This forum is only for help with building in GKC though. If the issue persists, email

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fix it (If you are gimkit owner or stuff or stuff)

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we cant do anythign about this, this isn’t related to gkc, you might get flagged soon. please contact, we don’t know, and have no control on gimkit’s payment related things. try refreshing and double checking your credit info


No first all im not a staff
2 reason I’m not going to help u bro

The solution has been given. If you don’t want to help, just don’t post.


I emailed them, thanks for that help


i dont think they are going to do anything

Why not? They’re the ones who manages these kind of things.

If gimkit can’t help, contact your credit card company.

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Well if they dont fix it they wont get $5 for the season ticket purchase, but I think they will because I emailed them.

Huh? My friend is buying it and the CVC is correct so I think it is a Gimkit Glitch.

Well, if you found a solution, mark a solution.


However, gimkit still has to use the credit card company’s application for the payment to register.

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OK I will email solution ASAP

Im tell u they wont do anything

Please state your reasons on why emailing them won’t do anything.
Also, if it’s a credit card issue, they probably won’t be able to help. Email the company that holds your credit card for spport.

They not going to do anything because that the season ticket