Buying Season Ticket isn't working

1: That makes no sense.
2: It is their job to manage these types of things.
3: A Season ticket is worth money, dealing with money is serious.
4: You clearly don’t know what happens behind the scenes of gimkit so don’t assume as it could confuse new users.


You can just try buy the season ticket for them, or if you’re broke (just like me), contact to fix the issue.

@TyreeseSimmons if you’re not gonna help at all then why bother joining the forums?

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Welcome to the forums @AidanZhang! As they said, contact
Make sure you mark a solution to close the topic!

Welcome to the Item Asylu- oh no no no, I mean the forums @AidanZhang ! Anyways, this post is off-topic, so you might want to mark a solution soon before a bunch of people find your latitude and longitude because you broke the rules.


Its not only GMC

this also happened to my friends for the season 2 pass.

What’s GMC?

Gimkit creative

You mean GKC?
Also, the forums is only for building with GKC, so I don’t know what you mean here.

its not only for Gimkit creative… (at least for bugs)

Again, I still don’t know what you mean here. Elaborate.

(post deleted)

He means bug reports don’t have to be only gimkit creative related bugs.

yes that is what I am saying

Ah… Makes sense.
That statement was pretty unethical, @BANANAER.