Buttons that open different doors in a series

Im just testing out some of my ideas, and I wanted to make a hallway that had 6 barriers as doors, and a control room where you start in that has multiple buttons. But each button opens/closes specific doors, close when it’s open/open when it’s closed. Like if all 6 barriers were closed: 1,1,1,1,1,1 and button one works for the first, third, and sixth door: 0,1,0,1,1,0. Then button two works for the 1st and 2nd doors: (From button one press) 1,0,0,1,1,0. Basically like different buttons open different doors, and it’s like a puzzle to figure out to move on.

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It’s hard to describe, but a good enough reference is the riddle where you have three buttons on one side of a door, and three light bulbs on the other side. It’s where the different buttons would turn on/off the different bulbs…

All you need to do is wire a button to the number of barriers for it, and then choose button pressed → deactivate barrier.


But what if the door that the button is attached to was open, it would need to close instead of leaving it open…

How many buttons are you thinking?

To make this simple, let’s say you have 2 buttons and 2 barriers. Wire each button to a separate barrier button pressed → deactivate barrier for each. Then, wire one button to the barrier that it isn’t controlling button pressed → activate barrier. It should look something like this:

If you are using more buttons and barriers, say 3 buttons and 5 barriers, make sure you wire every singe button to each barrier with button pressed → activate barrier except for the barriers that they deactivate. Hope it helps, but if it is confusing, I can make my explanation better.


Something like what wingwave said, and make sure to use wire repeaters to increase the amount of wires that can go out of your button

@wingwave I can do the explanation that you said, but I’m still having the problem of one button going to all of them, wait a minute, I got an idea, What if I had like 6 barriers and instead of having all the buttons go to ALL of the barriers, what if I connect the buttons to some of the barriers, but end up having all the barriers connected to at least ONE button?

Ok, I am online for a while, so what is the goal?

Im trying to make a series of barriers with a series of buttons that control different barriers, and some buttons control the same barrier…

I am confused. Wouldn’t you just wire the buttons to the barriers?

Well yea, but how would I make it so that if i had a button that controlled different doors, and one of them being open, it would open the other ones, but close that one? Or is my brain just overheating from thinking about this too much?

Ok, you would need a property for each door. Name it 1open, 2open, so on. It should be true/false. In blocks: make it so that when button pressed, trigger a trigger that uses blocks to see if the property is true. If it is, set it to false and deactivate door via channels. If it isn’t, set property to true and activate door via channels.

so that means that there are no wires involved? For the most part?

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Yes. Only channels.

Cause that would make what I have right now a WHOLE lot cleaner, cause like look at this…


Ok, so do exactly what I said, and it should work. Remember, you need a property for each barrier.

Going offline soon, so others will need to help you if you still need help.

Ok, but this might sound dumb, but can you put a true/false block into a “Blank equals blank” block, Im trying to put “if 1open = true, do blank” but i cant put the true/false block in the second blank

Remember to put get_property(“PROPERTY”) = true, not just “PROPERTY” = true