Button Teleportation

So, I want to make a game where the player holds the enter/return key to teleport to somewhere else, like in Fishtopia. I tried connecting the teleporter to a button, but when I run into the teleporter, it just teleports me without having to hold the key down.

you can use a checker to check if you have the key

I don’t think you can teleport with a certain amount of time in front…

Like in Fishtopia, I don’t really want like a key, just to hold down the enter key an teleport… I’ve seen some people do it in their maps

I know, you should try attaching the button with a wire to a spawn pad, (wherever the location you want the player to go to) Then when you hold down on it, it’ll take you there…maybe? Just a guess…

you can’t wire a spawn pad

Oh…okay… Well I don’t really know…

between the button and teleporter insert a checker
this checker will check if you have the key and then let you teleport

another way is to use an inventory item manager to see when you get the item and then activate the button

You have to place down a button and then a teleporter where you want them to teleport to. Then wire it button pressed → teleport to location.

I know how to do button teleportation!

Have a vending machine. When item purchased → activate button. The button should be deactivated on game start, and it should be wired to a teleporter so that it teleports when you press the button.

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@Foxy I tried it, and it worked! Thank you so much.

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