Butter Sword Guide

Nice art @Gim_Fishy! I love to see how sense I j0ined more art guides have came out, I think users thought it was against the guidelines.


Nice guide, be careful, If guides are too short, they can get flagged

This was my first one so I’ll know for next time


I love this guide. We need art guides bc some of us aren’t that good at art :))
Ahhem, me :)))

Shoot. I’m a dragon… better hide…


No worries.

Nice job! We need more helpers!

(I really need to stop doing stuff…)

What do you mean? There are a lot of helpers, just not very active in the morning to mid day times.

cool guide! make sure to block out the code tho

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but its not active

ok. but make sure because then random people can go into it and if your permissions are on then they might greef

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that is why permissions are always off

Great art guide, @Gim_Fishy! I suggest you take out the join codes, along with your entire search bar. It shows some personal information. One more thing is that next time, I suggest you don’t change into airplane mode, it may be distracting.

Butter swords are now famous!!!


However, when would most people ever need a butter sword in their map? Wait what do you mean “my butter sword”?

Why is this post flagged? Art is one of the tags. It should be allowed for gimkit creative. The flag badge really needs to be edited
i didnt even get to see the anti-dragon sword

As I have said previously…

Art is cool. Art is creative. Art is made in gimkit creative.

However, there is a certain point where some art… will never be used in a real game. What game will you really have a butter sword in? Would you unironically one day go, “I need a butter sword in my map! Hopefully there’s a guide!”?

Jeffo has also stated that off-topic/useless art guides can and will be flagged. Off-topic/useless is subjective, but the question you should ask yourself is “Will I frequently use this art in gimkit creative?” or “Will this art help a lot of other people in gimkit creative?” Think before you post.

Here are also some examples of art that are okay, and not okay:

  • Boat: Okay
  • @NavyCatZ’s pfp: Not okay, when would you ever need this?
  • Cactus: Okay
  • Tent: Okay
    Actually, before we continue, the things I put up there are very minor. Try making a guide compilation, like “Desert props for your maps!” instead of individual guides that create clutter.

Let’s continue.

  • House: Ehh… Most people won’t really need to make a house. It’s your choice if you want to post it.
  • Blooket Logo: Not okay.
  • Facial Expressions: Not okay.
  • 3D Terrain or Islands: Okay

This is just some stuff about art. Please make sure it is actually useful, and not more of a showcase. At this point, 60% or 70% of the art guides aren’t very necessary.



This guide is sorta good if people want to make a game based off of the profile lore idk


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Profile lore is pretty cold. It does sound quite interesting.

However, compared to a battle royale or some amazing other game, do you know anyone who has (or is willing to) spend one precious map slot on profile lore?

Art guides should help the general population of players if they ever want to make something, and not help for one very specific game, like a profile lore game (which I am still assuming that no one has made).


Whoops, sorry about that. After replying, I had to leave. I edited it now.


Hey, @Gim_Fishy, you might want to change the category to Devices, (also known as the WasteLands) mark a random post as a solution, and switch it back again (to avoid flags)

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