Building cod zombies mystery box

how would i make a random gadget giving device like cod zombies mystery box and make the art for it?

This is the most I can find on your question, Sorry if it does not help.

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well i might be able to salvage some of the parts from that and create one by linking it to an item giver and putting some block code in it

And this is a guide to a standard randomizer. How to make randomizer 🟧

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Ok, if it helps, it helps.

And please rember to mark a solution if it works!

I’ve made one before, you need at least 3 teleporters, a vending machine, and any prop for the box
First, set all to one channel, which could be a number or a letter, hide all, of them, this will be the “Father” teleporter, Next, connect the vending machine to the “Father” teleporter and set it to when the item bought, teleport here, and because it is connected to the other teleporters when you teleport to it, it teleports you to one of the other, then gets an item granter, and connect one to each of the teleporters so that when teleported, yoy get an item

If you want you can make a guide on that and post a link to it here. Just a thought.

someone already did, on youtube


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