Bug in block code

ok, so this bug happened when i was making some block code for helpian monopoly.
look at the stray equals block:

there is nothing there. it wouldn’t let me put blocks next to each other in the entire block, and it still has the yellow glow thing. has anyone ever seen this bug?


also, is it possible to put a triggering player’s team number block in an equalls block. if not then maybe that block wasn’t the problem


yes it is possible

whoever keeps on marking this as resolved, i still don’t know what happened! i refreshed and it still was there and i have no idea what to do with it!

delete the block and place another one?

Just delete it, as @jaydenGim said, and replace it. This should work. Otheriwise, try deleting the whole block or trying again.

oh, i lost it. i think i sent the item granter far away, but i have no idea what happened to it.

In that case just create a new granter and try again.

oh, i did that a while ago. i just want to know if this happened to anyone else and how to solve it for future times

I mean, once I had a glitch where I could only put stuff in one side of an equals block…

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