Bouncy gimkit characters

I wanted to make a gimkit creative mode where players bounce across a room and have to try and hit each other with a blaster. Does anyone know how to make the player bouncy for this?

A player bouncing is pretty hard to replicate. You’ll have tons, and I mean TONS of teleporters and a coordinate system, which are pretty hard to do probably. You could do it where players pvp normally but with a twist, I guess.

But the answer in summary, pretty much no. Very complicated, and time consuming.

if it’s your entire game then sure
if it’s a single room you should skip it


I dont even think it is possible, imean, if we use zones, then wire it to a teleporter with a randomizer, ig,but i dont think it is possible

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Heres my idea. A player teleports around randomly every 2.5 seconds. You could do that.

with coordinate systems it is just very hard, memory consuming, time consuming

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Yes, possible, but way too hard, boring and tricky, especially for a new person. Welcome to the forums!


Use triggers to teleport every 0.967876545678765 secs to random areas constantly the way to do it.I could make a community guidelines if you want that.

I’ll just make one now

please do, I need this for my game

it may be hard, but when dld mechanics are given to season ticket holders
li1_reaper and legobuilder will figure out a way, you can trust legobuilder to
mess around with mechanics crazily without knowing what he is doing
and figure out a cool good way to do something.

legobuilder got suspended

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Here its not mine thou Random teleportation inside zones 3/10 🟩

Wait, why? Must have been chaotic this weekend, I remember him being fine last Friday.

foxy lego can still use gimkit creative, just li1_reaper will be posting updates here

sorry but I’m not sure if that’s possible, because you cant jump…

Welcome to forums @Dudeman0613 be mindful also to check FAQ - Gimkit Creative, Have an amazing time in GKC!

with current platforiming mechanics it is not possible

ya i trust him i want to play with the hitboxes because i know of skew, tilt and how it affects speed, the lowest you can jump to an object, its all speed running but its quite hard when you have to wait a year so ill be a year behind

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