Boss fight help

I am making a boss fight with a randomly selected player as the boss.

Here's what I already have.
  • Adaptive health for the boss
  • The boss gets several boosts while touching grass (higher speed, player count based regeneration, and damage boost)
  • Questions for non-boss players (they need to answer 10 questions correctly, and if they get one wrong they go back one question)
  • an arena
  • selection of the boss
  • a lobby (Themed around a spaceship)
Here's what I need.
  • A thumbnail (please don’t make one just yet)
  • A name
  • A pregame lobby
  • A way to give the boss questions
  • A way to make it so the waypoint that points towards the boss does not appear while you are in the lobby.
Other information.
  • I would consider my game rather high quality, and I would prefer that solutions to the things I have requested be high quality as well.
  • I want my thumbnail to contain an altered screenshot of the actual game rather than a hand-drawn or powerpoint approach.
  • The map is themed around fighting on a moon in space.
  • The boss uses a legendary wooden wand, players can choose between a legendary zapper, slingshot, evil eye, or quantum portal.
  • The boss is reffered to as “the amalgamation”

Current suggestions:

  • The man in the moon - cs3112583
Giving boss questions
  • Replenishing ammo - Kosm0-o
  • Replenishing decreasing damage - Kosm0-o

Padlet is here

What is the theme of the map?

Forgot to include that in the original description :man_facepalming:

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You could have a pregame lobby with a space theme. You could add space props like rocks and spacesuits. I would also recommend adding a how to play area and/or an area for updates.

The Man In The Moon (as a name?)

For the waypoint you could use a relay so that when you are in the lobby zone the relay activates and is wired to the waypoint making it deactivate.

What does this mean?

You could make it so that when the players answer questions, they get better weapons/upgrades.

Currently, the boss player does not have to answer questions for anything.
I am looking for something that would necessitate that they do.

I already have questions for non-boss players.

Is the boss using a gadget?

I know. It was just a suggestion.

Just added this.

You can make the player boss answer questions for ammo or make it so the player boss damage decreases every so often, 30 secs?, and the player boss answers questions to make it rise back up.

Due to this post receiving very little attention, I am creating a new one. You can find this here.

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