The amalgamation: boss fight

I am making a boss fight with a randomly selected player as the boss.

Here's what I already have.
  • Adaptive health for the boss
  • The boss gets several boosts while touching grass (higher speed, player count based regeneration, and damage boost)
  • Questions for non-boss players (they need to answer 10 questions correctly, and if they get one wrong they go back one question)
  • an arena
  • selection of the boss
  • a lobby (Themed around a spaceship)
Here's what I need.
  • A thumbnail
  • A name
  • A pregame lobby
  • A way to give the boss questions
  • A way to make it so the waypoint that points towards the boss does not appear while you are in the lobby.
  • A group for play testing!
Other information.
  • I would consider my game rather high quality, and I would prefer that solutions to the things I have requested be high quality as well.
  • I want my thumbnail to contain an altered screenshot of the actual game rather than a hand-drawn or powerpoint approach.
  • The map is themed around fighting on a moon in space.
  • The boss uses a legendary wooden wand, players can choose between a legendary zapper, slingshot, evil eye, or quantum portal.
  • The boss is reffered to as “the amalgamation”
Ritual summoning circle

The reagents are ready.

Current suggestions:

  • The man in the moon - cs3112583
  • The amalgamation: boss fight - Some kid
Giving boss questions
  • Replenishing ammo - Kosm0-o
  • Refreshing damage that decreases over time - Kosm0-o

If you are making a thumbnail, here is a screenshot to base it on:

I would prefer that you just edit the screenshot. Give the eclipse a threatening aura, and make the others ANGY.

Padlet is here

I can help with the name just tell me what the game is about

if the lobby is during the game, then put a zone on the whole lobby and wire that zone to the waypoint, so

player enters zone → hide waypoint
player leaves zone → show waypoint

if it’s not, the waypoint won’t work before the game starts

What does amalgamation mean? I may me a walking wikipedia but this isn’t in my database…

also you shouldn’t just create a new topic. maybe bump it up, or ping some people to help, but don’t create a new topic for the same exact question.

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Will do in the future.

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You see, this Should work, but it doesn’t.

are you teleporting out of the zone?


that’s probably why. if you don’t physically leave the zone, it counts you as still in it. give me a sec to think of an alternative…

You leave the lobby by pressing a button.

button pressed → show waypoint

what is the game called?

That is one of the things I need.

Doesn’t work. I have tried several other things as well.

I’ll get one if you tell me what the game is about. but my mind is kinda weird. don’t always trust the result

Read the big blob at the top.

I gotta go now. I’ll be back tomorrow

You could j0in from the padlet to diagnose the problem if you wanted.

If I could get a group to pose in a thumbnail, that would be great. (in-game of course)