Boss fight help/ideas

In my apocalypse game there is a boss either zombie king or giant serpent [poll type=regular results=always chartType=bar]

  • Zombie king
  • Serpant
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I like the serpent… but what happened to the poll?

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Um, move the [/poll] part up to the topic?

probably zombie king
since apocalypse

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Zombie kings are a good idea too…


Here’s a fixed poll:

  • Zombie king
  • Serpent
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Zombie king I think because after all, the post does say apocalypse.


Sea Monsters! And yes, the serpents and the zombie king are great!!


Sorry, but I am not so good of thinking of some good boss battles. But make sure to check out this: The ultimate guide on boss fights!

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thx guys and thank you for fixing the poll Here_to_help
and now how should the boss enter the scene

You could make them a big prop, and use animation to make them appear on the screen. Maybe some tinted black barriers could add effects, especially if you use camera view. Also, how are you fighting the boss?

just shooting them till they die

So are they a person or sentry?


Ok. Give them a really good weapon, and just make it seem bossy and hard.


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