Boss battle for gimkit map

How do I have a timer and when the timer is up the boss comes out and you have to fight it

counter and a trigger would work, I beleive

you can use this guide and for when the timer(counter) is reached have a wire wired to the boss. You may bee repeaters if it is a prop art custom boss to make all the parts spawn at once.

thanks for the timer but what about the boss when the timer is up

The boss would have to be a player.

Wait whar? wwhat do u mean

its should spawn if you have it wired to sentrys and/or props for the boss

Thats not true.

not true what? @WolfTechnology

you can use sentrys to make a boss, that being the difficulty set on the sentry. You can also give it better gear, health, and add a custom skin my putting props over it. SO if you use it with the system when timer ends and channel gets activated spawning a sentry(s) as the boss.

I think that so because sometimes devices aren’t able to be wired by a sentry and has to be a player

Just a trigger would work in reality.