Bonnie Enters office

how do you make bonnie dissable lights, doors, and stuff and kill you when you get out of them?

I’d assume that when the broadcast gets sent that bonnie has entered you’d send a signal to disable the lights, doors and other items and then have a respawner kill you. I’d assume anyway. Regulars are better at this then I am

My doors are barriers, so I tried to have it so that they were deactivated if not on cams. But I appreciate the help :smiley:

You can trigger everything with the same channel that activates that armor stand. To disable the lights I would use a black barrier with 60-80% alfa on above layer to do the lights. I’m not sure how you would do the doors but you could use a team switcher to spectate to kill them.

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I’m sorry but Im not familiar with the whole fnaf thing so I cant really help you out here :frowning:

okay you’re gonna have to show me cause I just got a million times more confused :sweat_smile:

Here’s an example from one of my maps, that gives the appearance of darkness it’s at 60% alfa

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hmm… so I would like- wait. I could just have the overlays disable themselves if they receive that bonnie is in the office. (Smacks face) Which requires more block code. sigh my worst enemy.

I will still use this for my SL map with the vents.

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Will this help?

They don’t make sense. None of these even cover what I’m trying to do :frowning:

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What do you need to do? I can try to help.

I’m trying to make a trigger have a random output of 0-1 when at the door and it’s open. 0 is a fail, 1 is success.

You can use this

what would the var. be? besides maybe the door being open.

It’s a variable. Variables are just a number completely specific to that block code.


Now I need to figure out how to apply this to the barriers :confused:

You can have the barrier deactivate on OpenDoor

okay that makes sense.

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