Block Code Problem

I’m trying to make a ‘Don’t Press The Button Game’, and the system I’m using to operate the events is block code (through a trigger).
I reached the 75 block limit on the trigger the first block code, and after that, I was stuck on how to make new events. If I create a new block and do the same thing as the first one, it activates both block code at the same time.
For example; an event on BlockCode1 will activate, along with and event on BlockCode2, meaning 2 events at once. Which isn’t really ideal for a ‘Don’t Press The Button Game’
I want a way to have one block code activate, while the other doesn’t.
I don’t think two triggers work either, as I need the trigger to connect to the button, and if I connect both, the same thing will happen.
If you know an answer → Please help :] (also this is my first post!)

Welcome to the forums!

Can you take a screenshot of what your code looks like right now? Maybe we could simplify it.


Do you mean my block code?

Yes, I mean that.

Smth for gimkit


Try using this guide:

Instead of making the channels be letter names, make them be in the format “Event#”, where “#” is the random number generated. Also the 2nd problem is because the 2nd block also runs and picks an event. Using that guide will fix that.

do you have your randomiser?

I’m not gonna lie, I just started GimKit Creative, so I don’t know what that is ._. sorry.

then I figured out the problem

How to make a quick easy randomizer(updated version)

heres your guide You need

Do you see how your random number changes what channel is broadcasted on. See how a result of 1 results in the 1st letter of the alphabet. And how the result of 2 result in a broadcast on the 2nd letter of the alphabet. If we generalize this were are saying that the variable result is the result th number of the alphabet. With the new text operations this is easy to do.

You can put something like this into block code.

This is the basis of concentanation, broadcasting on the result instead of trying to decipher it and then broadcast. It saves a lot of memory and can result in infinite channels.

What other people were trying to get you to do would have worked as well. If you follow them you will broadcast directly on the channel that the random is and make the events trigger on 1,2,3 and so on instead of A,B,C,…


That’s the one that they already have.

Cause that is what their block code already is and they said they hit the limit


Ill try the randomizer and the other block code and see if it works.

I found one that works, thanks!

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