Block code help: Property loops

How do I make a loop that repeats however many times a property is every second. Example:
Seconds is 1, loop repeats once. Seconds is 47, loop repeats 47 times each second.

activating and deactivating different triggers with different waits

im not sure if that would work, he wants it to add one loop per second, and im not sure you can change thatin a trigger, so like a trigger loop chain?

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just every second you trigger a trigger clock?

How high is this loop going to reach? Do you know?

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A new trigger clock.

I think if you are manually promoted you can only get manually demoted

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I don’t know, i would just use a minute as a reference, 60 seconds.

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Yeah, but what I was trying to get to is that if the trigger loop has to keep adding, then it won’t work due to recursion.


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you can be demoted if you premoted by the system, all it takes is a mod to go into the user admin pannel and select trust level and select member and you are demoted right then and there,

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So like you what have to make it as long as the game is?

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a lot of games don’t have clocks though


What I’m saying is that once the loop reaches above 300, it won’t work anymore.

what if we just multiply the action with block code?

oh, well how would it know to stop? like a counter or something.

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valid point


I mean, you could broadcast on all sorts of channels to constantly activate, deactivate, and trigger trigger loops. That works.

Yeah, maybe a counter loop would work better in this situation. but triggers have the capability to stop after a number of repetitions.

And now I just realized that counters > trigger may be true…