Block bug? Help?

Can text blocks go into logic blocks? I don’t think so, and if not, I will have some major set backs.

As long as it is the comparison = it can

They can go into logic blocks. Just make sure you have another text block on the other side.

depends on which text and logic blocks.
what do you need, in specific?

They can but it kind of depends I think

Hold on, I think I might just be experiencing some weird bugs. I’ll be right back.

Oh my, I think I know what’s wrong. I’m using recursion but I forgot to include channels to recur!

No, that’s not it. For some reason the computer is getting confused. It could be a bug, but I don’t think so. Here are my pictures:

It’s hard to understand, but basically there are your pieces and your opponents (R is you, B is them), and it should broadcast ‘nopossiblecaptures’, but it is broadcasting ‘blocksran’. Help?

I’m moving this to bugs, because there is absolutely no way that it should be right! This has to be a bug.

I checked, and in fact, they can! Here is proof:
Screenshot 2024-01-23 6.12.35 PM
I know it looks weird. I wasn’t making any thing.

Yes, I did some testing and that works. What doesn’t work is my property checks, which comes up true but shouldn’t!

Where is the text block not going in at?

The text block is going on, but that isn’t my problem. Read the edit.

I don’t see anything wrong with system but i also don’t have a full comprehension of what you’re trying to do. What type of game is this for and why are you using coordinates with colors? (pixels?)

This is for checkers. On a coordinate grid, we can number the spots based on x-coordinate and y-coordinate, like a point, but mushed together into a number (i.e. 11, 32, 67). The pieces you can capture should have a number that is 11 more or 9 less (for red). So, to see if you can capture, I am seeing if any black-piece property (B__[numberofpiece]Coord) has a number that is nine less or eleven greater than and red-piece property. At the starting position, this is false, however, when I run it, it says that this is true, and even after triple checking every property default, only to my demise they were all correct. I hope this clears it up.

That is odd why it is not working. All of your code seems correct. I would try just mixing it up to see if you can magically fix it. Maybe try in your blocks checking to see if the difference between the two is 11 and the difference is 9

Why though? I’ve tried a lot, but that wouldn’t make much sense. I know that if I mix things up it might work, but will it always work? I think this is the only way that should work, but it isn’t. I just don’t understand. I’ve even signed in and signed out. Maybe gimkit is just glitching today, and I just have to give it another try tomorrow. And this is especially maddening because I am so close to being done! And everything was working earlier!

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I was just thinking it could be something random and messing around might fix it however it probably wont. What exactly did you change that might have altered it?

I tried subtracting from B instead of adding from R, I tried mixing around blocks, all sorts of different stuff.

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And this was working earlier and you didn’t change anything like property names or other things that might interfere?