Blaster Ranking amongst current weapons

I think all weapons are equal and it depends on your situation for better usage. Against a bunch of low health sentries, use zapper or fast weapon but a strong boss, then use a Quantum Portal.

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between snowball launcher and blaster (legendary) i think blaster is a little bit better
but they both are better in their own ways


Blaster is good if you just want to hit your opponent and have bad aim.


Low-damage sentries. Or just for chipping damage slowly if you’re fast,

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so good range basically

Maybe for tight situtations where you don’t have any ammo for your Snowbrawl Launcher/Slingshot (main weapon) and want to do damage in a pinch?
Kinda like the Silenced Pistol in zombsroyale if you play it.

Switching to your sidearm is faster than reloading.


You know what? I’mma make a guide on this.

make sure to give credit to previous guides!

and include a poll

I just tested it. The lowest amount of damage you can do with it is 5 HP. Common blaster with 0.25x damage boost


Credit? No one else make one on the blaster.

but the other gadget guides…

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time to test dmg and range😎

Just tested damage


Those have nothing to do with mine, I’m not talking about the other gadgets at all.

ok then…

Blaster Damage:
Common: 20
Uncommon: 23
Rare: 26
Epic: 29
Legendary: 32
so basically +3 every time
also the blast the blaster blasts (lol) has a range of 16 tiles (for example, place 16 boardwalks horizontally, that is how far it shoots)

Thats also what legendary snowball launcher does.

but the blaster range and speed are better

yes it can actually just not in blastball

For real though. I would probably say blaster is better than snowball launcher since more ammo more range faster speed.